The WF bikini body blitz


Despite the ropey weather, summer is almost here – and team WF are on a mission to get body-beautiful in time for short season. Try out our muffin-top-melting fitness routines, healthy home-delivery diets and supplements, super-slimming beauty products and get-gorgeous grooming treatments, all in the name of looking swell in a swimsuit.

Taut and toned

Try a few Power Plate sessions for a gruelling workout to get you in bikini shape. The body-blitzing workouts involve plenty of sweating and hard work, but boy is it a good workout. Power plate combines whole-body exercises with targeted trouble-spot moves, to get your tummy noticeably flatter and your thighs visibly firmer.

Gorgeously glowing

Get to grips with all things bronzed and beautiful. First up is Spa Find Sea Sand Scrub (£16.50), made with Dead Sea mud, to slough away dead skin cells and prep your skin for a self-tan. This fine scrub feels gloriously smooth and leaves dry skin soft and moisturised. But, as a mild exfoliator, it is too gentle to remove the stubborn traces of your previous tan, which may still linger after a few scrubs.

Next, Piz Buin Self-Tanning Lotion and Colour Dial (£18.37). This amazing product lets you choose the intensity of the colour you’d like – perfect for taking you from English rose to full-on, beach-bronzed goddess. The lotion itself is white, so it can be tricky to see which areas you’ve covered, but it sinks into the skin easily, doesn’t smell strange and dries surprisingly quickly! Try applying the tan with a Soltan mitt (£2.66), which helps to spread the lotion evenly and is machine washable, so can be used time and time again!

Leave the tan on overnight and by morning you’ll have a golden glow, even coverage and absolutely no streaks.

Skin detox in a box

Turns out getting a great bikini body is as much about what goes in as what comes off, so, with that in mind, start popping a sachet of BioCorrex capsules (£59.95) every day to boost your skin’s glow, plumpness, texture and healing capacity. There are five capsules in each sachet, and they come in a box of 28 doses, which really takes the hassle out of downing supplements. Each capsule is packed with a blend of active ingredients, from coenzyme Q10 to probiotics and acai berry, to address major skin concerns. Take them with breakfast and enjoy the natural energy boost from the coenzyme in the morning.

Don’t forget to add at least two litres to your water tally each day to supercharge the results. The experts recommend a course of 12-18 weeks to see the full effect, but don’t be surprised if you get faster results!

Another great addition is the BioCare Body Balance protein powder (£34.96). This vanilla-flavoured food supplement has weight-loss helpers l-carnitine, CLA and chromium in the mix to help boost your fitness efforts and balance blood sugar, so it’s great for a post-workout shake or a breakfast on the go. You can have it straight up with water or milk, but do try it with coconut milk or water for a really delicious shake. The protein is really filling and it’s just what your muscles need after a gruelling Power Plate session or Pump class!

Smooth skin

Finally, give your skin the real red carpet treatment to ensure you feel super-confident when you hit the beach.

Murad Firm and Tone Serum (£63) aims to boost circulation to smooth out cellulite and can even tackle those pesky stretch marks.

You only have to use the stuff twice a day, paying particular attention to problem areas – and it’ll only take an extra minute or so before your moisturising routine. Give it a week and you should start to see some real results!

Sun, sea and sand here we come…