Lioness Jodie Taylor’s winning diet


The Lionesses are off to a flying start in the Women’s EURO 17 after Jodie Taylor’s incredible hat-trick last night saw them win their first match against Scotland. We caught up with Taylor to see what her diet looks like in between her matches and hectic training schedule.


‘We normally start training around midday, so it’s usually a relaxed morning for me. On a training day, I usually have eggs with a veggie skillet of sweet potatoes and mushrooms cooked in coconut oil for breakfast, plus a coffee. On a non-training day, I love poached eggs on sourdough with avocado.’


‘We get lunch provided for us at the club straight after we train. It’s usually a good balance of lean protein, carbs and veg. I try to eat white fish, rice and a mix of vegetables and fruit.’


‘I eat a lot of chicken and I love Middle Eastern food, so marinated and grilled chicken with salad. It’s all about lean proteins and good carbohydrates. For me, it’s what I have post-training to help my recovery that’s important. I always have eggs, milk, vegetables and meat in the fridge.’


‘I have protein smoothies every day as a snack. I mix protein powder, almond milk, berries, super greens powder or spinach, some yoghurt and peanut or almond butter.’

Post workout

‘If I’m doing a session on my own, I make sure I have a protein smoothie straight away, then a balanced meal within an hour.’

Drinks and treats

‘I drink a lot of water and a couple of good coffees a day, I love coffee! I really like chocolate for a treat, but try to limit it. My treat meal is a burger and sweet potato fries.’


‘I use Amino Man R5 (£39.99 for 400g; which helps with my body’s recovery and repair. I have a super greens mix to get more veg in, plus fish oil as I don’t really like salmon, and a multivitamin.’