Get beauty ready for Easter


The Easter holiday has finally arrived and before we enter our chocolate food coma, there is still some pampering we can do for our Easter break night out! We have put together our grooming essentials and top tips for getting you ready for the (slightly) warmer, spring weather. 

1. Tanning Time!

 We don’t know about you, but we are finally leaving the tights at home – yes, it’s time to reach for the tan and get those legs out. The Beauty Lab tanning range is perfect for creating a natural looking tan because of the unique peptide formula, it actually adapts to your natural skin tone. Whether you prefer lotions or mousses, Beauty Lab have you covered (literally).  

2. Ditch the liquids

Now that we are approaching spring time, we should  switch around our favourite beauty products – yes, it can be daunting not using our favourite heavy coverage foundation but liquid products are far too heavy for the warmer weather. Wouldn’t it be great to have a light, mineral powder that can provide flawless coverage without feeling like you are wearing a mask? Say hello to the Sheer Cover mineral foundation! Paraben free and available in a range of different shades, Sheer Cover’s foundation makes you feel confident without being too cakey on your skin. You can help spread this mineral goodness with the new Lab 2 brushes, designed specifically for loose or pressed powders, the On a Powder Trip brush has unique FiberLuxe™ technology that allows easy and even application. You can see the Lab 2 brushes from Superdrug and the Sheer Cover foundation from

3. Give your nails some TLC

We’ll be honest and say we have slightly neglected our nails, sure we love reaching for fresh, spring nail polishes but what about actually treating your nails? Whether you have dry cuticles, weak and short nails or all of the above, the Nail HQ range has got your back. With over 8 different treatments to choose from, you can find a product that can help your nails ready for nail polish. Available from Tesco’s and Superdrug.

4. Give your hair some oomph

We are all about multipurpose products, but be honest ladies, getting ready can feel like a chore especially when it comes to our hair. Sometimes back combing your hair just doesn’t cut it – we want real volume without having to attack our hair with a comb every 5 minutes. Luckily for us the BOUFFE Dry Spray can give us extreme volume and also add a colour refresh to our hair. Pretty nifty right – you don’t need to spend ages damaging your roots with a comb, just simply spray BOUFFE and voila, instant sex kitten hair! You can see the full BOUFFE range at Boots for only £5.99.

5. Brow down to our brows!

A night out isn’t complete without perfect brows, they help frame your face and keep the focus on your eyes. We are slightly guilty of over tweezing our brows though, so it can be almost impossible to create perfectly arched eyebrows. Well say hi to Silk Brows! This tiny magic pot has granted one of our three wishes, we can finally have big brows that look natural and full. The unique fibre technology actually attaches to your natural brow hairs and creates a thicker appearance. You can find Silk Brows in Boots stores nationwide.  

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